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Grains Innovation Australia (GIA) is a private breeding company dedicated to the development of innovative crop varieties to improve grower profitability and provide whole farm system solutions to benefit regional communities of Australia.

Founded in 2013 through investment by a team of farmers, breeders, agronomists, seed and grain processors and marketing experts.

Using combined farm based understanding and scientific expertise we see the possibilities for more robust crops to address the limitations’ growers encounter.

GIA is unique in the grains industry with our vertically integrated breeding to market business model, which ensures rapid delivery of our innovations to growers.



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Product Spotlight

Kingbale Oats

Key Features

  • A world first IMI tolerant oaten hay variety
  • Mid-flowering, single gene IMI tolerant oaten hay variety with improved tolerance to soil residual imidazolinone herbicides
  • An ideal variety for use where there are IMI residue concerns from previous crops
  • Tall variety with good early vigour
  • Preliminary data shows Kingbale has a similar disease and agronomic profile to Wintaroo
  • CCN resistant
  • Rust (likely susceptible) will require proactive management
  • Yield information is currently limited Kingbale is a single gene IMI tolerant variety.
  • The earliest date a full chemical registration for use in oaten hay production is March 2021 however, this is subject to 2019 field testing results and growers are advised that delays may occur.

Seed will be available for planting in 2021

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