Breeding Program

GIA operates a highly efficient breeding program, using smart genetic solutions to develop commercially beneficial varieties via endpoint royalty income.

GIA is rapidly progressing towards product delivery to market.  In four years GIA has bred up to 6 varieties in 12 species of pulse, cereal, oilseed and summer crops and identified up to 4 herbicide tolerant traits and additional agronomic traits in each species.

GIA’s first success is a world-first imi-tolerant oaten hay variety Pulse varieties and products from our partnerships with cereal and canola breeding companies are in final stages of development.

Variety solutions for modern farm systems

Across the farm every season and every paddock can present challenges to growing healthy crops and quality grain.  Soil moisture, soil type variability, rotational plant back periods, weed burden and control options can limit crop choice, weed control effectiveness as well as outcomes at harvest and beyond.    The presence of residues and variable rain patterns across different soil types can make the time for residue break down less certain and difficult to manage. These factors have the potential to limit root growth and overall paddock crop health and yield, particularly in drier seasons.

GIA’s breeding team aim to develop more robust, healthy varieties which also suit the realities of today’s farming challenges.  We consider and investigate how varietal solutions can minimise any of these issues to maximise grain yields and quality.  GIA is breeding a range of crop varieties for better in crop weed management and specific prior crop residue tolerance. We have considerable expertise in the breeding and delivery of such varieties.

GIA Breeding and Commercialisation Chain

Research & Development


Global Grain Genetics Pty Ltd

(Dr Michael Materne, Mirella Butsch, Dr Larn McMurray)

Genetics, breeding & agronomy

Varieties – Lentil, chickpea, barley

Marcroft Grains Pathology Pty Ltd

(Dr Steve Marcroft)

Pathology, agronomy and extension (GRDC Seed of light recipient)

Canola industry leader

Holmes Farm Consulting Pty Ltd

(Sam Holmes)

Business & Commercialisation

PB Seeds Pty Ltd

(Peter Blair/Janine Sounness/Rob Launder)

Seed farm (Wimmera in Victoria)

Processing plant, commercialisation of varieties, product marketing, IP management, agronomy, weed management

Schilling Farms Pty Ltd

(Mark Schilling)

Seed farm (Yorke Peninsula in South Australia)

Processing plant, product marketing

Financial & Managerial 

F & L Delahunty Pty Ltd

(Frank Delahunty)

Financial, Managerial and Governance

Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Farm Focused Approach to Plant Breeding